tough, compassionate, and steady like rain
tell me something beautiful

I am swaggering on the promise of life.

(hello) freckled. free. someday i will burn brighter than the sun.

my future is paved with the road to recovery & while i may never be skinny, i will always be s t r o n g ϟ

dem legs and why i never should talk to boys because fail

A friend of mine I occasionally work out with has gained something like 30 + lbs of muscle and he’s just a really fantastic guy. I saw him the other day I was like, “You look so good! I’m happy you representing the rest of us nerds over here!” and he was like, “I might have the arms, but girl you got them legs!”

:) it’s really nice to hear that my gigantic legs are appreciated. I appreciate them too, you know. They’re absolutely terrifying sometimes and the side-glances I get from other gym rats is kind of satisfying.

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